Obama Antichrist

During the 2008 presidential election, many individuals were spreading Obama antichrist conspiracy theories. It seemed as though you couldnít check your email without receiving a letter concerning his Muslim background or log onto YouTube without seeing a video matching up his name with 666. If you would like to know for sure just what the manís chances of actually being the Son of Perdition spoken of in the Bible, you can find the answers in our report which we offer exclusively on www.theantichristidentity.com.

Iím Mel Sanger, an independent political researcher, and I was requested by one of the most popular churches in the United States to research Barack Obama. They had informed me that ever since the start of the presidential campaign their offices were flooded with calls and emails from people asking if the connections between Obama and the antichrist were actually true.

The sad part was they had no idea themselves, and thatís why they contacted me. For the next 7 months I and my small group examined over 4000 different pieces of evidence in order to determine the manís true background and what part, if any, he had to play in bringing about a one world government.

When first contacted by the church, I was actually enthusiastic about taking on the project. As a supporter of Barack early on, I was more than ready to get to work debunking the Obama antichrist conspiracy theories once and for all. However, the further I got into the project, the less I liked what I saw. Itís amazing how I at first forced myself to ignore the evidence, but eventually I had to come to terms with the fact that the idea I had about him was all wrong.

In addition to learning all about the alleged similarities concerning Obama and the antichrist, our report will also cover other prominent political figures and examine what parts they may play in bringing about a New World Order such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Javier Solana of the E.U., Prince Hassan of Jordan, and Prince Charles of Wales.

If you are interested in learning more, it is imperative that you pick up your copy of our report at www.theantichristidentity.com today. Due to attempts to have this report silenced and our Web site taken down, we donít know how much longer we will be able to make this report available.

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A 25 page report, which lifts the lid on the fact that Obama's election as US President had everything to do with a masonic secret agenda for the islamic nations of the Middle East and Africa.


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